July 17, 2009

Dead whale just won’t stay away

A dead whale that was towed from the shore of a seaside town in northern Newfoundland in April has returned with a stinking vengeance, residents said.

The carcass washed ashore in the town of Pines Cove at the end of April just steps from the home of Audrey Parill, she told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

I figured that was too close for comfort for a whale here, 35 feet, to rot next to my house, she said.

She contacted the provincial Department of Government Services, which paid a contractor to haul the whale offshore to an uninhabited island, the report said.

But the whale washed ashore in Pines Cove again, this time close to the home of Parill's sister, Rita.

We was shocked, because when you tow something off in the deep you wouldn't be expecting it to come back, would you? the sister said.

Rita Parrill told the CBC provincial officials promised to tow the stinking carcass away again, but they didn't say when.

If the weather comes hot, we're not going to be able to open windows because it's too near, hey? I think it's very unhealthy, she said.