July 22, 2009

Threatening hawk suspends mail delivery

Home mail delivery by Canada Post is suspended in a part of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, because of a dive-bombing hawk that targets pedestrians.

In mid-May a letter carrier told a supervisor he had been attacked several times by the Swainson's hawk, which is guarding its nest in a spruce tree, the Globe and Mail reported.

The supervisor accompanied the carrier on the morning of May 29 and delivery service was suspended immediately afterward, the report said.

The supervisor actually had to dive to the ground to avoid the hawk, Canada Post spokeswoman Sandra Sobko told the Globe. There were no injuries, but it was unsafe, especially carrying a heavy bag.

Residents must drive downtown to pick up their mail, but many of them are scared to venture outside too, the report said.

It swoops down on anyone out in the open, resident Myrna Folk told the paper. I've seen it swoop down many times. It screeches. The children walking to school were really frightened. I heard them screaming.

The birds, which can have a six-foot wing span, are a protected species, so can't be shot, the report said.