July 22, 2009

Plaque mistakenly moved with light post

A street light post moved by Springfield, Ill., mistakenly still bears a plaque commemorating tulips planted at its former home, officials said.

The light post was relocated from an area next to the municipal complex, which used to host a bed of tulips donated by the Netherlands, to a location on the renovated Capitol Avenue, right in front of the main offices of the Springfield State Journal Register, the newspaper reported Wednesday.

The plaque remained unmolested for weeks until Mike Norris, city public works director, said Tuesday the plaque was mistakenly moved with the light post and would be returned to its former home.

This bed of red and white tulips was donated by the people of Noorder-Koggenland, Holland, on Dec. 3, 1999, commemorating the 55th anniversary of their liberation from Germany and honoring Central Illinois native Kenneth Belton who survived the crash of his Air Force plane in Holland, the plaque reads.

However, Belton, now 86, said there haven't been tulips at the location in years. Norris promised a new bed of tulips would be planted at the site.