July 23, 2009

About 250,000 bees removed from home

A suburban Miami woman said a bee removal specialist destroyed about 250,000 bees inside the walls of her home.

Mary Olarte of Miami Shores said she was not concerned when dead bees began appearing outside of her house but she was shocked when a contractor discovered three thriving hives within the walls of her home, the Miami Herald reported Thursday.

Willie Sklaroff, proprietor of bee removal service Willie the Bee Man, said all of the bees were destroyed Tuesday due to fears they may have been Africanized honeybees, also known as killer bees. However, analysis of the bees after they were killed with pesticides indicates they were not Africanized, the Herald reported.

Olarte said she collected more than 100 pounds of honey and wax from the now-vacated hives in her walls.

I have lots of friends, she said, and everyone wants to try some.