July 23, 2009

New York Ikea to halt free ferry rides

A New York Ikea that has been offering free ferry rides since it opened last year said the company's transport will soon cost $5 each way.

The store, in the city's Brooklyn borough, has been offering free New York Water Taxi ferry service from the Manhattan borough since its opening last year, but the company said free rides during weekdays will be discontinued Aug. 3 due to costs to the company, the New York Post reported Thursday.

The cost is such that we cannot continue subsidizing it during the week as a commuter service for those who are not Ikea customers, store manager Mike Baker said.

Baker said ferry rides will remain free on weekends, but weekday service will cost $5 each way, a ticket price that will be credited to any purchase over $10 at Ikea.

The system was developed as a convenient service for use by Ikea customers so we could minimize the number of cars on the road, Baker said. Charging for non-customers who ride the water taxi is one way to help defray slightly the significant costs incurred by Ikea.