July 23, 2009

Pickens admits taking driveway slab

Texas billionaire T. Boone Pickens said he took a slab of driveway concrete bearing his signature from an Oklahoma home for sentimental reasons.

Pickens, 81, admitted taking the concrete June 18 from a Holdenville home that once belonged to his grandmother after the homeowner, David McCart, reported the slab had been taken from his driveway, The Oklahoman reported Thursday.

I was sad, and felt a desire to protect what cherished memories I could, most notably the cement that I etched my name into the sidewalk as a youth, Pickens said in a statement. The crew leading the repairs at the cemetery offered to cut it out, and I authorized the removal. (The hole was immediately filled and repaired, not weeks later as has been suggested and reported). I knew it was city property and, in hindsight, regret that I did not work with the appropriate city officials to seek their permission.

However, McCart said he is still seeking to have the oil tycoon prosecuted and the slab returned to his driveway.

I don't feel a need to defend myself against his actions because what he had done is wrong, McCart said. This would not have mattered if it was an empty lot, he still had no right to take property that did not belong to him.