July 23, 2009

Freak show owner to sue over 5-legged pup

The owner of a New York freak show said he will sue over a five-legged dog in North Carolina that he said the owner promised to sell him.

John Strong, proprietor of an exhibit at New York's Coney Island featuring unusual animals, said the original owner of Lilly the five-legged dog, Calvin Owensby of Gastonia, N.C., broke an implied contract to sell him the animal, the Charlotte (N.C.) Observer reported Thursday.

Strong said he agreed on a price with Owensby and paid a $1,000 deposit, but the sale was canceled and his deposit was refunded when Owensby decided to sell the puppy to a Charlotte woman instead.

It's like a guy who sells you a car and then later tells you he's going to sell it to someone else, Strong said Wednesday. I was the original owner -- it doesn't matter if it's a five-legged dog, a house or a car.

Owensby said Strong's proposed lawsuit lacks merit.

We didn't have no contract. We didn't sign any papers or anything. I don't see why he'd do that; I refunded his money, he said.

Meanwhile, Strong said he is also filing an injunction to try to stop the current owner, Allyson Siegel, from having the dog's fifth leg removed.