July 23, 2009

Man 1,000 miles into walk across U.S.

A Vietnam-born Texas man said he is 1,000 miles into his walk across the United States, which is aimed at promoting faith and pride in the country.

Sinh Tho Nguyen, 40, said he began his walk June 10 in Atlantic Beach, Fla., and has arrived at Fort Worth, Texas, for a week's stay at home until he restarts his trek to San Diego, The Dallas Morning News reported Thursday.

Nguyen, whose father was a U.S. soldier in Vietnam who he never met, said he is not being paid or raising any money with his 2,600-mile walk, it is merely his way of thanking the United States and its troops.

This walk is about America and those who suffer, he said.

Nguyen arrived in the United States on a visa in 1992 and enlisted in the National Guard and Army. He walks with a U.S. flag and a sign bearing the words: Shore to Shore: A Walk Across America to Honor Those Who Serve.

This is about America and it belongs to the troops and their family members, he said. I am a messenger. I carry the flag. America is behind me now.