July 24, 2009

Puppy’s fifth leg removed via surgery

A North Carolina woman who outbid a New York freak show for custody of a five-legged puppy said the dog's extra appendage has been removed.

Allyson Siegel, who paid $4,000 for the puppy, Lilly, said the canine underwent a 90-minute surgery Thursday to have the extra leg, which hung limp between her hind legs, removed, the Charlotte Observer reported Friday.

There were no complications whatsoever, Siegel said. The vet says he expects her to make a full recovery. All four legs work great.

The surgery came after John Strong, owner of the Coney Island freak show, threatened to sue for custody of the dog. He initially paid a $1,000 deposit for the dog, but the money was refunded when Lilly's original owner, Calvin Owensby, decided to sell to Siegel instead.

Strong told the New York Daily News the removal of the extra leg has not hampered his plans to sue.

We're going to sew it right back on when we win the civil case, Strong said. What good is a four-legged puppy to a freak show?