July 24, 2009

Ring back with owner after long trip

A New Mexico man who lost his class ring at a Massachusetts Army base in 1963 has gotten it back from a man who found it on a beach in Japan.

Milt Sternberg, 67, told The (Santa Fe) New Mexican he probably dropped the ring while he was lowering the flag at Fort Devens to half-staff after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He said he took his gloves off while he was lowering the flag.

Sternberg bought the ring in 1959 while he was a Senate page in Washington.

When I took my gloves off again, I noticed my ring's gone, he said. After a bunch of screaming and yelling and cursing and whatever, I walked back to the compound and started looking for it. Never did find it.

Three weeks ago, Sternberg saw a notice about the lost ring on a Web site for Capitol Page School alumni. The ad was placed by Ron Vella of Galveston, Texas, who had also been stationed at Fort Devens.

Vella found the ring in Japan in 1965. He said he believes another Fort Devens soldier picked it up, carried it with him to Japan and then lost it.