July 25, 2009

Soldier dines on 36-year-old pound cake

A U.S. Army colonel says he was celebrating his retirement by serving a military rations pound cake he had saved since 1973.

To celebrate his retirement Friday at the Pentagon, Col. Henry Moak opened a C rations can he received while serving in Vietnam and had vowed to save the until his last day in the service, CNN reported.

Back when he was serving in country, the pound cake in the vacuum packed cans were his favorite ration, the told the broadcaster.

I would eat it any chance I could get, but not all of the meals came with pound cake, he said before opening it, warning, I won't eat it if it's black and moldy.

But there was no need to worry. Even though it was 36 years old, the can revealed a still-edible yellow cake, which Moak cut with a ceremonial sword he also used to slice his real retirement cake, CNN said.

It's good, it's still kind of moist, declared Moak, taking a bite.