July 26, 2009

Ohio resident confused with Neil Armstrong

A 38-year-old named Neil Armstrong in Symmes Township, Ohio, says he receives letters and phone calls intended for the famed astronaut of the same name.

Symmes Township resident Neil Allen Armstrong said since former astronaut Neil Alden Armstrong also lives in the Cincinnati area, would-be suitors for the first human to walk on the moon mistakenly contact him instead, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported Friday.

Within the first year I started getting phone calls and voice mails, the less famous Armstrong said of the troubles that began when he relocated from West Virginia to Symmes Township. I probably get a phone call a week, maybe a letter every month.

Armstrong, who was born two years after the senior Armstrong walked on the moon in 1969, said some callers fail to believe him when he breaks the news of the name confusion.

But the 38-year-old has found at least one positive out of the name that earns him scores of accidental communications.

It's probably the best ice-breaker you could ever imagine, he told the Enquirer. You always have an opening line.