July 28, 2009

English caves seek resident witch

Officials with western England's Wookey Hole Caves said more than 2,000 people have applied to become the attraction's new resident witch.

Organizers of the search to find a resident witch for the Wells, England, caves said the performer will earn $82,000 per year portraying a legendary witch said to have lived in the caves during the Dark Ages, CNN reported Tuesday.

Local legend states the witch lived with goats in the cave until she was turned to stone by a splash of holy water from an abbot. Some proponents of the legend say the frozen figure of the witch can be seen in the cave's rock formations. The witch was alleged to have caused diseases, soured milk and cursed crops.

The organizers said the applicants will each have one minu to convince a panel of judges that they have the best cackle and can make good use of their witch props. They said men, women and transgendered people are equally welcome to audition.