Rare katydid slain by wasp

July 29, 2009

An official with the Ohio Department of Wildlife said a rare pink katydid that was slated to go on display at the Ohio State Fair has been killed by a wasp.

Jim McCormac of the Ohio Division of Wildlife said the katydid, discovered July 19 at the Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area in Wyandot County and slated to go on display at a fair, which began Wednesday, was killed after a parasitic wasp injected its eggs into the insect and the offspring ate their way out, The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch reported Wednesday.

We had hoped that it might take a few weeks before the grubs inside managed to kill her, but not the case, unfortunately, McCormac said.

Wil Hershberger, a West Virginia nature photographer and the author of The Songs of Insects, said only about one in 500,000 katydids are pink. The insects also come in blue, yellow and green.

Source: upi

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