July 29, 2009

TSA seizes Disney World toys

Florida's Disney World has agreed to replace a toy sword and a toy gun confiscated from two young boys at a Fort Lauderdale airport.

Michelle Chao of North Miami, Fla., said Transportation Security Administration officers confiscated the $6 toy sword and the bright red wooden gun from her 4-year-old son, Julien, and his cousin, Gerry Edge, who was visiting from North Carolina, WPLG-TV, Miami, reported Wednesday.

Chao said TSA officers told her realistic toy weapons are banned on planes.

They're plastic. One has the words 'Jack Sparrow' written on the blade, she said.

She said TSA officers did not give her the option of moving the items to checked baggage.

They just took them. They're just toys, she said.

Disney World has agreed to replace the toys for no cost, Chao said.