July 30, 2009

‘Cowtown’ Calgary cops to wear cowboy hats

Police officers in Canada's self-proclaimed Cowtown of Calgary, Alberta, will soon be wearing standard-issue cowboy hats as part of their uniform.

Chief Rick Hanson said the wardrobe change isn't related to the city's status as host of the world's largest annual outdoor rodeo event -- the Calgary Stampede -- but rather in response to the officers' comfort, the Calgary Herald reported.

Hanson said 64 officers who work outside soon will wear wide-brimmed black cowboy hats to match their black uniforms. He said the wider brims keep more sun off the head and prevent rain from running down the back of the neck.

He said the force is also looking into alternative headgear for the prairie city's harsh winters, possibly similar to the imitation fur flapped hats the Royal Canadian Mounted Police wear, the report said.