July 30, 2009

T-shirt motto insults Croatian PM

Sporting a T-shirt with a profane motto Thursday cost a TV cameraman his job because Croatia's prime minister considered it indecent and insulting.

Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor said she was shocked when at a government session in Zagreb she spotted the RTL TV cameraman wearing the black T-shirt with the motto reading in white letters in English, I don't need sex. The government (expletive) me every day, the Croatian Index.hr Web site said.

An official of RTL television confirmed the man was sacked immediately.

I do not intend to violate the freedom of media, but insulting members of the government at a Cabinet session ... I'll not permit, Kosor told reporters.

A video clip showing the Cabinet session, including the magnified inscription on the T-shirt, was aired across the country.

The cameraman said he bought the T-shirt on a trip to the United States and wore it to the Cabinet meeting because it was the only clean shirt he had.