July 30, 2009

Britons warned of unusual foreign laws

A British travel agency has released a list of foreign laws of which British travelers may not be aware , including a Florida law against singing in a swimsuit.

Online travel agency Sunshine.co.uk said its new traveler's guide is aimed at keeping Britons out of trouble in places such as Milan, Italy, where a law states people must smile at all times unless at a funeral or hospital, The Daily Telegraph reported Thursday.

The guide says a law on the books in Switzerland prohibits flushing the toilet after 10 p.m. and a Hong Kong law states the wife of a cheating husband can legally kill her spouse with her bare hands.

Aside from the more serious rules, such as showing affection to a non-marital partner in public or walking around in swimwear in Dubai, there are many outdated rules around the world that people should be aware of, a spokesman for Sunshine.co.uk said.

Chris Brown, managing director of the Web site, conceded that many of the laws included in the guide are likely not enforced.

All jokes aside, we are very committed to reassuring our customers about the rules and regulations of their chosen destinations and we welcome the inquiries from Brits predominantly visiting locations like Dubai, Turkey and Egypt, Brown said.