July 30, 2009

House bought for $1 now free

A man who bought a historic Oceanside, Calif., home for $1 and moved it to his property in Rainbow, Calif., said he is now selling it for a lower price -- free.

Hayden Perrine said he had originally planned to convert the house, which was built in 1889, into an extension of his home, but San Diego County permits and mandated restorations have made the project too expensive, KGTV, San Diego, reported Thursday.

To do everything they're asking me to do to this structure and put the foundation in to code and to secure it to the existing home, it would cost me about $60,000, Perrine said.

Perrine purchased the house for $1 from the city of Oceanside after it offered a number of homes for the price with the stipulation that purchasers move the homes at their own expense.

He said the house is now listed on Craigslist as free. He said the purchaser will have to pay to move the house and conduct the county-mandated restorations.