July 30, 2009

Speedy motorcyclist caught at last

Police in Alaska said they have arrested a motorcyclist who evaded capture repeatedly by driving at speeds approaching 130 mph.

Investigators said Justin Carr, 23, was charged with a felony count of evading police after several incidents in which he allegedly drove his yellow Suzuki motorcycle past police in Anchorage at high speeds and refused to pull over, the Anchorage Daily News reported Thursday.

Trooper Ronald Hayes said he caught a glimpse of the motorcyclist during a June incident, and the face he saw was Carr's.

This guy almost actively sought us out, Hayes said. Anytime he would see any type of law enforcement vehicle or anything like that, he would take off.

Hayes said further charges against Carr are possible once a grand jury convenes in early August.

Anchorage police had sought the public's health in finding the speedy motorcyclist after a series of chases, and hundreds of tips poured in.

Carr's driving record includes numerous tickets, the Daily News reported.