August 2, 2009

Bank teller who tackled robber gets fired

A Seattle bank teller who chased and tackled a would-be robber says he has been fired for his efforts.

Former Key Bank teller Jim Nicholson told KOMO-TV, Seattle, he knew it was against bank policy to not comply with robbers, but he didn't let that stop him from vaulting over the counter and giving chase to a man who had demanded money last week.

The broadcaster said Nicholson, 30, caught up with the alleged robber a few blocks away and tackled him.

If I allowed him to get away, then he would just continue doing it, he said. "He could come back to our branch. He could go to another bank.

I had hoped that they would give me a reprimand, or maybe a write-up -- something like that. But it ended up in termination.

He added he had no hard feelings for his former employer.

Key Bank officials didn't return the broadcaster's calls for comment.