August 3, 2009

Gold leaf-covered candy bar: $1,618

British candy maker Cadbury is celebrating the return of its Wispa Gold chocolate bar with a $1,618 gold leaf-covered special edition chocolate.

Ross Farquhar, brand manager for Wispa, said the expensive confection was created to celebrate the return of the Wispa Gold chocolate bar, which returns to the shelves in September for the much more economical price of about $1, The Daily Telegraph reported Monday.

We believe this is the most expensive bar of chocolate to go on sale ever, Farquhar said of the special edition Wispa Gold, which is being watched by a full security team at Selfridges in London.

Farquhar said the gold-leaf candy bar will be displayed for one week in the Selfridges jewelry department.

The original Wispa Gold hit the shelves in 1995 and was discontinued in 2003.