August 4, 2009

Moped driver was towing stolen mower

South Carolina police said a moped driver towing a stolen lawn mower pulled over for officers but attempted to flee from them on foot.

Lindsey Phillips Jr., 42, of Rock Hill, was spotted Friday afternoon towing a lawn mower and a weed eater behind his moped, about six hours after the lawn mower had been reported stolen, The (Rock Hill) Herald reported Tuesday.

Police said Phillips pulled over for police but fled on foot after the officers asked him if the lawn mower was stolen.

Phillips was chased down and arrested. He allegedly told officers he ran because there was a rolled marijuana cigarette in his hat, but officers were unable to locate the joint.

The police report said the lawn mower was returned to its owner and the weed eater was placed into evidence, the Herald said. Phillips was charged with resisting police.