August 4, 2009

Small parrot back home after 5 weeks

A North Carolina family whose pet Quaker parrot has returned home after five weeks on the loose said the bird's time in the wild has made him more friendly.

Amy Locklear said the year-old, 4-inch tall parrot, Charlie, escaped from her home in Cary five weeks ago and was recaptured 30 miles away in a Clayton subdivision late last week by an animal control officer after someone recognized the bright green bird as a non-native species, the Raleigh (N.C.) News & Observer reported Tuesday.

The officer tracked a band around Charlie's leg to the store where Locklear originally purchased him and the parrot was back home with his family Friday.

Locklear said Charlie used to bite her four sons and tease the family's dogs and cat. However, she said he has been nothing but friendly and affectionate toward the family since his return.