August 4, 2009

World’s largest soap bubble made in London

A 'bubbleologist" has created what he says is the world's largest free-floating soap bubble in a London park.

Samsam Bubbleman, 37, a professional bubble-maker who has performed for the Dubai royal family and numerous celebrities, said he created the giant bubble, which stretched to 20 feet by 5 feet by 5 feet at its largest, using a secret formula he developed during the past 20 years, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday.

It's all about having the right bubble solution, the self-described bubbleologist said. If you have the right mixture, then your tools don't matter.

Bubbleman said he believes his bubble will replace the current Guinness World Record holder, a 105.4-square-foot bubble created in Minnesota in 2005.

I'm confident it has obliterated the former record, he said. This one dwarfs the American effort.