August 5, 2009

Man nears 50 jobs in 50 states goal

A California man on a mission to work a different job in each of the 50 states said he has reached the 45-state marker in Massachusetts as a first base coach.

Daniel Seddiqui, 27, who set off on his 50-state quest after graduating with a degree in economics and failing to gain a job from 40 interviews, said he is working this week as first base coach for the Brockton Rox baseball team and next week he'll be working for the Democratic Party in New Hampshire, WCVB-TV, Boston, reported Wednesday.

I just left my driveway with no money. I was negative $65,000 from school loans and I bought my car right before I left. And, just made it all work. I had no other options, Seddiqui said. I've probably made from $50,000 to $60,000 this year. And I have saved all of it. Three thousand dollars in one week when I was in Minnesota medical device manufacturing. And the lowest is probably $100, but I was working with Amish people building furniture.