August 5, 2009

70-foot Big Ben replica made from hay

A pair of British businessmen have created a 70-foot-tall tribute to London's 150-year-old Big Ben clock from more than 500 bales of straw.

Chris Sadler and Mike Harper, who have joined annually to create straw sculptures alongside the A51 road between Nantwich and Chester in England's Cheshire county, said this year's 20-ton Big Ben sculpture, which features a steel frame and a working clock that is illuminated at night, was made to honor the London landmark's 150th birthday, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

It is 150 years since Big Ben was built so we wanted to commemorate the occasion, Sadler said. It looks stunning and is particularly impressive at night when it is flood-lit and the clock face also lights up.

The sculpture was completed on Saturday and will stay up until after Christmas, he said.