August 6, 2009

Rattlesnake found in car engine

An Oregon auto mechanic said he pulled a 3-foot diamondback rattlesnake out of a car belonging to a woman who complained about a strange hissing sound.

Marvin Schenck, a 28-year veteran of auto service, said his friend and employer, Dave Prewitt, called him to his Klamath Falls home July 30 to examine his wife's Geo Tracker, after she complained it was making a strange hissing sound and said she noticed a rope dangling from the car's undercarriage, the Klamath Falls Herald & News reported Thursday.

Schenck said he identified the problem when he caught a glimpse of the venomous snake slithering between engine components.

It didn't take too long to figure out that sticking our hands in any part wasn't a good idea, Schenck said.

He said the snake was initially resistant to exiting the vehicle, but he was able to yank the animal out of the car when its tail fell to the ground in front of a tire. Schenck said he decapitated the agitated reptile with a shovel and removed the rattler for the Prewitts to keep as a memento.