August 7, 2009

Kenyan offers livestock for Chelsea’s hand

A Kenyan man said he is offering 40 goats and 20 cows for the hand in marriage of Chelsea Clinton, Bill and Hillary Clinton's only daughter.

Godwin Kipkemoi Chepkurgor, 39, first made the offer when then-President Bill Clinton visited Africa in 2000. He said he is renewing his offer of livestock to trade for marriage to Chelsea Clinton, CNN reported Friday.

Chepkurgor said he reiterated his offer after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was questioned about the proposal at a Nairobi town hall meeting.

She's very independent, so I will convey this very kind offer, Clinton said to laughter at the meeting.

Chepkurgor described Chelsea Clinton as a beautiful, disciplined and well-natured woman.

Of course I have never met her, but I like her family and how they stick together, he said. I've waited for a long time. I'm still waiting to meet her and express my love for her.

I just want to convey my message of goodwill to the Clintons, he said. And to all of America.