August 7, 2009

4,026 ‘zombies’ set record in Britain

A total of 4,026 people dressed as zombies at Britain's Big Chill festival set a world record for the largest gathering of the undead, organizers said.

Organizers of the Ledbury, England, festival -- which served as a casting call for zombie extras in an in-progress horror-comedy I Spit On Your Rave -- out-zombied the record-setting gathering of 3,894 walking dead in Seattle last month, The Sun reported Friday.

It was such a laugh and just created the best atmosphere and start to a festival ever, said Katrina Larkin, the Big Chill festival director and co-founder.

I Spit On Your Rave takes place nine years in the future, after the demise of mankind, and features comedian Noel Fielding as the king of the zombies.