August 7, 2009

Town offers graffiti class for kids

Officials in an English town that annually spends $66,7000 cleaning up graffiti say they are offering a class for children to improve their spray can technique.

Liz Hart of the community arts team in Crawley said the classes for children ages 8 and up will teach children how to express themselves with graffiti, but will also encourage responsible use of paint, The Sun reported Friday.

When we do the workshops we provide canvas for young people to work on, Hart said. Those who take part would not consider going out to tag a bus stop, wall or whatever.

I can understand some residents may be worried. But I can assure them the young people will be told the difference between vandalism and graffiti as an art form, she said.

However, some residents of the town, which has repeatedly suffered from outbreaks of racist graffiti, said they were not comforted by the assurances of officials, the newspaper reported.

Once armed with a spray can and the tricks of the trade, these kids won't just do it in the classroom. They will want to do it everywhere to get their tag known, said one resident who asked not to be named. What next? How to break into cars?