August 9, 2009

Indiana State Fair offers daring foods

Attendees of the Indiana State Fair this year said the barbequed beaver and turtle soup offered this year were unique culinary offerings for them.

Indianapolis resident Kisha Marks, 34, said the fair's Taste of the Wild Cookout gave her a chance to try foods she likely never would have been exposed to in her urban lifestyle, The Indianapolis Star reported Sunday.

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to be eating this today, Marks said Saturday. But I'm so glad they gave people like me who aren't outdoorsy an opportunity to try this and see what Indiana has to offer.

The fair cookout began nearly 20 years ago at the Indianapolis event and while 10-year-old Brittany Marks learned she was not a fan of barbequed beaver, local resident Randy Maier is a loyal cookout attendee.

It was OK, but I wouldn't eat it again, Marks said of her cookout taste test.

I try and like everything, Maier, 45, told the Star. This has just become a tradition for us that we look forward to. We all like the food.