August 10, 2009

Bedbugs guilty of infesting courthouse

A state courts representative says an infestation of bedbugs at a 109-year-old courthouse in New York resulted in a thorough fumigation.

State courts spokesman David Bookstaver said after a bedbugs infestation was discovered at the Appellate Division courthouse a few weeks ago, the largest extermination company in the city was tabbed to prosecute the pests, the New York Post reported Monday.

An investigation by the company last week ended with a fumigation of the legal site on Thursday, Bookstaver said.

The problem has now been adjudicated, the courts official joked.

The Post said the bedbug infestation was suspected of being centralized at the courthouse's clerks office on the building's second floor. The office typically hosts scores of attorneys as they file appellate motions every Monday during the summer.