August 10, 2009

Church prays for Mary statue thieves

A Catholic priest says his congregation is praying for the thieves who stole the nearly 5-foot statue of the Virgin Mary from his Calgary, Alberta, church.

Father Kevin Tumback of the Calgary Catholic Church said he discovered the statue was missing when he opened the church Sunday morning, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported Monday.

You want to hurt a Catholic that's a good way to do it, he said. Did we do something to offend you? Did the church do something to offend you? Why would you do that? That's like walking into your neighbor's house and stealing from your neighbor.

Tumback said the statue-napping appeared to be a planned theft.

They appear to have the tools they needed to get it unbolted and then they removed the Plexiglas and took the Plexiglas along with the statue, he said.

The priest said his congregation is praying for the thieves.

I invited them to pray for whoever stole it and pray that God is full of mercy and compassion for them, he said.