August 10, 2009

Blogger focused on local police arrested

A Virginia woman was jailed and could spend another month behind bars for blogging about her local police department, authorities said.

Elisha Strom, 34, who previously created controversy by calling for the creation of an all-white nation, was arrested at her home outside of Charlottesville July 17 and charged with a single felony count of identifying a police officer with intent to harass, The Washington Post reported Monday.

Strom blogged specifically about the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement task force, which she described as nothing more than a group of arrogant thugs. The Web page was plastered with photos and described the comings, goings, habits and looks of the officers while following them in her car.

Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy J. Longo Sr. had previously written to the blogger that her postings were interfering with the work of the drug-fighting task force, but no obstruction of justice charges were discussed.

Police arrested Strom after she posted the name, address and a street-view photograph of an officer's home.