August 11, 2009

Yellow Snow Ice Cream hits Utah

A Utah ice cream maker is apparently banking on children's propensity to disobey the advice of their parents by inviting them to eat Yellow Snow.

Shawn McLennan said he began making his own ice cream about six or seven years ago and gave it to friends and at parties, calling it Yellow Snow brand ice cream -- and now the enterprise has grown to include his own ice cream shop in Park City called Yellow Snow Ice Cream and Coffee, The Park City (Utah) Record Reported Tuesday.

McLennan, who offers 14 flavors of frozen treats, said his ice cream differs from the competition by undergoing the same process used for fancier desserts such as gelato and sorbet. He said the result is a thicker, creamer concoction than ice creams found elsewhere.

McLennan said many people were initially skeptical of his shop's name, but enough were entertained enough by the branding to come inside and try their first scoop.

I wouldn't get away with it if weren't in Park City. It's ski-town humor, he said.