August 11, 2009

Boy, 9, lands 150-pound shark

A 9-year-old Washington state boy said it took him almost an hour to land a 150-pound sixgill shark while fishing with his grandparents near Burien.

Cosmo Miller, 9, said he used a 30-pound test line to reel in the shark while fishing last week with his grandparents in Puget Sound, The Seattle Times reported Friday.

It was really hard, Cosmo said, but I had a really big fishing pole.

The boy, who released the shark after taking pictures for posterity, said it wasn't his first encounter with a six-gill shark. He said he broke two poles fishing for sharks before he landed his prize catch using dogfish as bait.

Dave Woltz, his grandfather, said watching Cosmo wrestle with the shark was quite a sight to behold.

It was quite a thrill watching a 9-year-old kid pull in that fish, he said. We had been fishing for about four hours and were ready to come in when all of a sudden he hooks this big thing. His face was beet red and I offered to help him, but he said no.

Cosmo said the shark was the largest thing he had ever hauled in, far surpassing his previous personal record of a 27-pound salmon.