August 11, 2009

Judge halt’s prisoner’s electrolysis

A federal court in Boston has issued a ruling temporarily halting electrolysis treatments for a convicted murderer seeking sex reassignment surgery.

District Court Judge Mark Wolf, chief judge of the court, ruled Tuesday that the Massachusetts Department of Corrections has gone out of its way to accommodate the prisoner's gender identity disorder. Michelle Kosilek was born Robert Kosilek and has lived and dressed as a woman for the past 16 years while serving a sentence for killing his wife by strangulation in 1990, the Boston Herald reported Tuesday.

Wolf, who has yet to rule on whether the department should provide gender reassignment surgery for the convict, said Kosilek's six-month trial of electrolysis, a form of permanent hair removal, had been unsuccessful. He ordered the procedure to be temporarily halted.

I don't know what electrolysis costs. But all of this has to be considerably more expensive and time consuming than another electrolysis treatment or two. It may be the Department of Corrections' enlightened self interest to provide electrolysis, he said.