August 12, 2009

Judge suspected of deflating tire

A cleaning worker says a Maryland judge is being investigated for allegedly deflating a tire on her car when it was parked outside the La Plata courthouse.

Sources familiar with the investigation say two county jail officers reported witnessing Circuit Court Judge Robert C. Nalley letting the air out of the right rear tire of a 2004 Toyota Corolla, the Washington Post reported Wednesday.

The car's owner Jean Washington, 51, says the spot she parked in had no markers indicating that it was reserved for Judge Nalley and no one ever told her she couldn't park in that area.

La Plata Police Chief Cassin B. Gittings confirmed that his department is investigating the incident but declined to identify any suspects in the case.

Nalley was appointed to the bench in 1980 after serving as county state's attorney for five years.