August 12, 2009

DJ cleans poo for botched TP prank

A Florida disc jockey whose attempt to toilet paper his mayor's house was foiled by bad directions paid penance for the prank by cleaning a city sewage plant.

Jason Pennington, a DJ with WILD-FM, West Palm Beach, agreed to clean the septic tank acceptance station at the East Central Regional Water Reclamation Facility as punishment for the toilet paper episode that went awry when an address mix-up left a neighbor being toilet papered instead of West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel, The Palm Beach Post reported Wednesday.

The punishment, which was filmed for posterity by WILD intern Annabel DeSito, lasted five minutes.

Pennington said he had intended to cover Frankel's house in the Presidential Estates gated community in 28 rolls of toilet paper, but wound up covering a neighbor's house, car and trees because he didn't check the address.

Heather Nelson, producer of the station's Wild Morning Show, said Pennington and morning crew co-hosts Kevin Rolston and Virginia Lang targeted the mayor's house because of alleged vote rigging in a dance contest she won this year over fellow competitor Lang, who did not place in the final rankings.