August 16, 2009

Dog wants to help with mowing lawn

A retired Cincinnati firefighter says his pet Shih Tzu loves to sit on his riding lawnmower with him when he cuts his grass.

Former firefighter and paramedic Bill Rinear said he bolted a wicker container to the top of his lawnmower so Minnie the Shih Tzu can enjoy taking part in the outdoors chore, The Cincinnati Enquirer said Saturday.

But the sight of a dog sitting atop a moving lawnmower apparently draws it fair share of attention.

People get out of their cars and just stare at us, Rinear said. They wonder: 'What kind of an idiot has a dog riding in a basket on top of his lawn mower?'

To those curious onlookers, Rinear has a simple answer as well as another unique way to spend time with his small 6-year-old dog.

I'm the kind of idiot who used to unzip his sweatshirt and tuck her inside, he told the Enquirer. When I would cut grass, she would stick her head out of the opening.