August 17, 2009

Potter fans hail crop circle owl

A crop circle discovered in England has been identified by some fans of the Harry Potter book and film franchise as a tribute to the boy wizard's pet owl.

Potter fans said the 400-foot pattern in Woodborough Hill bears a strong resemblance to Hedwig, Potter's pet owl in J.K. Rowling's books and the film series, The Sun reported Monday.

It is very exciting to think that there are fans of Harry from other galaxies, Potter fan Steve Killick said. Most of the world has fallen in love with Harry Potter so it makes sense that most of the universe will do eventually too.

However, pattern expert Karen Alexander had a non-Potter-related take on the crop owl.

The owl is an ancient symbol of wisdom, so perhaps it is a message to people that we should be thinking deeper about the world around us, she said. This is obviously a time of some upheaval in the world so perhaps this is a sign that we should be looking backwards for some wisdom in how to deal with today's problems, rather than anything to do with Harry Potter.