August 18, 2009

Burglary tip No. 1: Don’t leave ID behind

Toronto police had very little investigating to do into a double store burglary thanks to the alleged thief leaving his wallet behind.

Police said a man broke into a hair salon early Saturday and leisurely emptied the cash register of $120, smoked a cigarette and then took a bathroom break, the Toronto Star reported Tuesday.

Next, he cut through a wall to gain access to an adjacent tanning salon, where he smashed the cash register to take about $200 before leaving through the front door, police said.

The thief didn't wear gloves and left a substantial number of fingerprints behind. He also didn't wear a mask and was clearly recorded by the salon's security cameras.

His total undoing was allegedly leaving his wallet at the salon that identified him as a 48-year-old city employee out on parole, the Star said.

After his wallet was returned to him at home, William King was arrested, the report said.