August 18, 2009

House hit by cars twice in two nights

A car smashed into an Austin, Texas, family's home for the second time in two nights, authorities say.

Luna Trevino, 9, narrowly escaped injury in the first incident at 3 a.m. Saturday when a car barreled into her bedroom, backed up and then sped off, the Austin American-Statesman reported.

But barely after the family had boarded up the hole and moved to a relative's house to spend the next night, another car smashed into the same bedroom when no one was home, breaking down the newly installed boards, the newspaper said.

After the first accident, Luna was OK, the girl's father, Joey Trevino, said. But when she saw the second hole, she freaked out. She doesn't want to live here anymore.

Trevino's wife, Sara Kerver, said the couple lived in the house at the dead-end of north Austin's Northcrest Boulevard for seven years without cars jumping the curb. She told the American-Statesman the family used to park their pick-up truck in front of the girl's bedroom to act as a barrier, but complaints from the neighborhood association forced them to remove it.