August 19, 2009

Egyptian smuggler aks for Israel’s help

An Egyptian who attempted to smuggle Sudanese refugees into Israel, asked for Israeli police assistance after he lost his way in the desert, police said.

The smuggler, who received thousands of dollars to smuggle six Sudanese refugees into Israel via the Sinai, contacted Israeli police several nights ago and asked for their assistance, Maariv reported Tuesday.

The smuggler explained his predicament to a surprised policewoman who took down the details and notified superiors, the paper said.

After a long search, police with the assistance of Israeli army troops, found the group suffering from severe heat exhaustion, the report said.

After giving them food and water, they were taken to a detaining center in Israel, the paper said.

A senior police officer told the paper the Egyptian and the Sudanese refugees would have died had the smuggler not notified them.