August 19, 2009

Police: Woman’s wallet story a fake

Police in Florida say a woman fabricated her report of a lost wallet, containing $2,000, returned via mail.

Oviedo police Lt. George Ilemsky said his faith in the human race was restored by the woman's report of her lost wallet being returned through the mail by the mother of a girl who purportedly picked it up from an Oviedo Marketplace mall bench, but he said investigators have now learned the entire story was fabricated, the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel reported Wednesday.

Ilemsky said police found a hole in the woman's story when she said the mother of the girl who found the wallet had mailed it back to her using the address on her driver's license. Ilemsky said the address on the license was found to be outdated.

The lieutenant said police only filed an information report, not a criminal report, when the woman first reported the wallet missing, so she will not face charges for filing a false report.

Ilemsky said investigators do not know why the woman invented the tale, but he speculated she may have faked the theft to avoid paying a debt and later concocted the story of the wallet's return when she changed her mind.