August 19, 2009

Drunk newlyweds arrested after smoking

British police said a couple were arrested on their wedding night for drunkenly arguing with a security guard who asked them not to smoke at a bus stop.

Harry and Claire Arnold were married, had their twin sons christened and celebrated the groom's birthday all in the same day, but the night found them at a Durham, England, police station on charges of drunk and disorderly behavior, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

The couple had been celebrating, having got married in the morning and having their children christened in the afternoon, a police spokesman said. They took exception to being asked by a security guard to refrain from smoking inside the bus station. Eventually police were called and they were arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

Claire Arnold said the incident was a nightmare wedding night. I was crying my eyes out. I was devastated.

The police told us: 'We've never had a bride and groom in before,' she said.

The Arnolds said a sergeant took pity on them when he discovered it was their wedding night and let them off with a caution instead of a fine.