August 20, 2009

Bruised apples prevent waste bin pickup

A man in the Welsh county of Flintshire says county workers refused to pick up his garden waste bin since it contained some bruised apples.

John Mason of the town Connah's Quay said he was surprised to find his trash bin had not been emptied because Flintshire Council workers claimed the bin was facing contamination because of the apples, The Daily Mail said Thursday.

I scratched my head and wondered what on earth the contamination could be at first. Then they clarified it and said it was the apples, Mason, 64, said of the incident, for which no date was reported.

Flintshire officials said the apples, which fell from apple trees owned by Mason, constituted kitchen waste not garden waste.

'Spoiled fruit or vegetable peelings may have been inside a kitchen and come into contact with uncooked meats," Andy Macbeth, the council's environmental services manager, told the Mail.