August 20, 2009

Candy store theft appears on Facebook

The owner of a South Jersey candy store says she found the answer to mysterious disappearances when someone posted a video of a break-in on Facebook.

Police in Pitman showed the video to Elissa Eystad, owner of Ladybug Candies, on Saturday, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. She called it a blessing, explaining why ice cream, candy and even a laptop computer have disappeared.

One of the five people charged with burglary and theft Wednesday was Anthony Caruso, 26, Eystad's landlord.

Caruso said Eystad is trying to make a big deal of an innocent prank. He said he went to the store late Thursday to check circuit breakers because the tenants in an upstairs apartment had lost power.

His friends took some candy and one videotaped the proceedings with her cell phone, he said.

Eystad said Caruso had no right to let others into her store even if he was there on a legitimate errand.

I don't know where your brains were at, she said of the woman who posted the video.