August 20, 2009

‘No colors’ sign causes confusion

The owner of a South Carolina bar said no racism was intended by an anti-gang sign reading Please notice, no colors allowed. Thank you.

Bo Legg, co-owner of the Knot Hole bar in Lake Wylie, said colors refers to colors or patches worn by gangs, especially motorcycle gangs, that are often cited as the cause of fights, WCNC-TV, Charlotte, N.C., reported Thursday.

However, Legg said he has had to explain the meaning of the sign, which was put up last month, to several people and groups, including the NAACP, who mistakenly interpreted it as s racially motivated message.

We welcome people from all walks. That sign has nothing to do with skin color, Legg said.

He said the sign was put up due to growing concerns about the presence of biker gangs in the area.

I hope everybody is here to get along, Legg said. If you're not here to get along and have a good time, I don't want you here.